Our Services

Affordable Private 5G Quick Deployment Solutions

Core Network as a Service

CNaaS is a subscription-based solution to connect private 4G/5G networks, as well as to interconnect with major public mobile operators.

5G Enabling Consulting

We provide professional 5G network consulting, training, system integration and maintenance services to enable local partners to quickly acquire the capability to deploy and maintain private 5G networks.

Crowdfunding Platform

Our blockchain-based crowdfunding and governance platform for private 5G networks is a two-sided market between private 5G coverage providers and private 5G subscribers, so as to incentivize private 5G deployment.

Our Products

Plug & Play Private 5G Network Devices

5G Network-In-The-Box
5G Network-In-The-Box

NITB is a turnkey solution to help integrate 5G network functions within existing infrastructure. This plug-and-play 5G package containing a 5G small cell, a Smart Edge Gateway, and 10 pre-registered SIM cards.
This affordable package allows non-technical users to set up a private 5G network within 15 minutes after unboxing.

Smart Edge Gateway
Smart Edge Gateway

SEG is a multifunctional gateway to connect, protect and enhance a private 5G network.
SEG can connect to multiple core networks of different mobile operators simultaneously to provide extended network coverage to their subscribers.
SEG can also offload traffics to local servers and broadband Internet connection and redirect MEC requests to MEC servers.

5G Testbed
5G Testbed

5G Testbed is for teaching, researching, testing and demonstration purpose.
This 5G testbed is suitable for universities, research institutions, IoT providers, self-driving car manufacturers, Internet companies and other organizations that need their own private 5G network for research and product testing.

5G Drive Testing Tool
5G Drive Testing Tool

The tool is used to measure and evaluate the coverage, capacity and quality of service of 5G networks in a given area, helping 5G operators understand the network experience in a given area and enabling them to make the necessary optimizations to provide better coverage and service.